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Sites Like Tinychat

This is for all you other fans out there who just can’t get enough of Tinychat! We know how great it is, how much you’re addicted to it, how you love creating your own group webcam chat rooms on the fly. It’s pretty awesome really, there is just no denying it. BUT, we also know that sometimes you just need to switch things up, and you don’t want the change to be the exact same, but still kind of similar. That’s the way it is with online chatting these days, there are just so many options and new websites popping up, that they all are kind of related to one another but there are always little differences that make the different options worth checking out. Anyway, the point is, because of everything I just said we took it upon ourselves to find all the sites like Tinychat, and we did. Now, we have a solid list of alternatives for you, and they won’t be exactly the same in terms of what they offer, but they will still be pretty dang awesome! Check it:

1. iMeetzuCheck Our Review

This site has a lot of cool choices for all you chatters out there. They have random chat choices that include text-only and video-only, and then they have a group webcam chat room option, and then they also have a meet strangers social network with some cam chatting functionality built in. So yea, iMeetzu is for real, check it!

2. ChatrandomCheck Our Review

Alright, so Chatrandom is really popular and has a lot of great features. First it has the roulette webcam chat, then it has group video chat rooms, and then it has live streaming video channels. Visit them for sure.

3. Stickam – Check Our Review

Stickam is pretty sweet, it’s like a live video channel social network type deal. You get your own channel, and other people can join it for group video chat sessions. Plus, they have a random chat option too.

4. Omegle – Check Our Review

Complete anonymity is what you get here. They have random chat options including text, video, and something they call spy mode. Omegle is super popular, and if you haven’t already you must try them out.

5. Chatroulette – Check Our Review

Don’t know what to say if you haven’t heard of this one before. It offers roulette video chat, of course.

6. Bazoocam – Check Our Review

7. Camzap – Check Our Review

8. Streamberry – Check Our Review

9. WebcamBam – Check Our Review

10. Funyo – Check Our Review

11. Chatpig – Check Our Review

Sites Like Chatrandom

If you are anything like us, you have grown to be a bigtime fan of Chatrandom, and for obvious reasons. It has lots of users online all the time, it has a great random roulette webcam chat service, and it has great other video chat room features too! What’s not to like about all that? Nothing! BUT, at the same time, how can we be sure there isn’t some other similar site out there that is a pretty good Chat Random alternative that also is super popular and maybe has a completely different set of users? Because, if this is the case, maybe we will find even more new faces to chat with, and, if you’re any kind of serious online chatter like we are, you know how important it is to be able to always meet more new people! This issue, brought us to say hey, lets find all the sites like Chatrandom we can! And so, we did, and here they all are:

1. iMeetzuCheck Our Review

This crazy cool website has separate random chat versions for text and video, along with a webcam chat rooms feature and a random stranger social network.

2. Omegle – Check Our Review

Omegle is an awesome alternative with both text-only and video-only roulette chat choices, along with their own unique “spy mode” and “interests” features.

3. Chatroulette – Check Our Review

This titan of roulette chatting still has just a video option, but also is still super popular!

4. Bazoocam – Check Our Review

Practice your French language speaking skills at this random webcam chat site.

5. Camzap – Check Our Review

Camzap is a popular roulette cam chat site with it’s own special registration system, which is of course completely optional to use.

6. Stickam – Check Our Review

7. Streamberry – Check Our Review

8. WebcamBam – Check Our Review

9. Funyo – Check Our Review

10. Chatpig – Check Our Review

11. Tinychat – Check Our Review


So, despite what the name may imply, no, there’s no chatting with a pig involved here. Chatpig is a random roulette webcam chat site with a German user focus. It is almost a perfect copy of Chatroulette, with basically no proprietary features. From the looks of it there used to be one sort of unique custom feature, but it’s no longer available when you click on it, so that basically puts the site back at exact imitation status. But, despite how much of a ripoff it may be, the site still deserves some credit. It set out to capture the random video chat market in Germany, and it looks like they succeeded. A quick look at their traffic data confirms they get the majority of their traffic from Germany, and it’s definitely not a trivial amount. So yea, they definitely did it, but what does that mean for you as a potential user of their website?

Well first, it means you need to brush up on your German language speaking skills. It could be as simple as learning a few swear words and then watching the other person rant back at you with words that you have no clue what the meaning of is, but that’s what Google translator is for! Yippy! Second, it means you want to know more about the software itself, because being a copy of something doesn’t necessarily mean the underlying foundation of the copy is as good as that of the original. So, with that in mind, I will tell you that the experience on the site is good. The software works great, and the site loads fast. This indicates they are using a good script on a quick server, which also means there should not be very many unintended disconnections. So, try Chatpig out at


 This website used to be basically a copy of Chatrandom. However, this doesn’t come as a huge surprise because I am almost 100% sure they are owned by the same people. The reason for this is that Funyo used to actually pull it’s random roulette webcam chat software from Chatrandom‘s server. This was obvious because when you loaded Funyo and it asked to access your cam, it showed Chatrandom’s URL as the one requesting the access. Anyway, if you look at the two sites side by side nowadays, although there are still similarities, there are also major differences. This seems to have led to them both having there own sort of separate followings as far as I can tell. Funyo is much less popular than it’s affiliate, BUT it is still pretty dang popular, with lots of users online at any given time.

With regards to features that differentiate Funyo from Chatrandom and other roulette video chat sites, one major one is the fact that Funyo actually has a social network built into it now. The only other stranger chat site I am aware of with something similar is iMeetzu. Anyway, Funyo’s social network seems fully functional but lacks in some areas such as not seeming to have quite enough users online or at least not enough that you can easily communicate with etc. But, what Funyo lacks social network-wise, it makes up for with it’s other chatting options. First, it has your usual random webcam chat service, which works seamlessly. Second, it has a group chat room choice which always has a lot of users on it and runs on some sweet flash software with all kinds of goodies. Finally, it has a sort of show-focused video chat platform where you can see how many users are viewing a particular show, watch as many as 4 live streams at a time, and if you want broadcast your very own. Sound good? Visit Funyo at


 This website began shortly after the rise of Chatroulette as a near-exact imitation. Thanks to the good timing and spectacular marketing to back it up, Camzap was able to reach a level of popularity that made it more than just another statistic among the failed roulette webcam chat sites, and it remains alive and well to this day. However, the countries of origin of its visitors tend to be different from a lot of the other more popular sites such as Omegle. While Omegle has a huge user base in the USA, Camzap has a large visitor block from places like Brazil and Iraq. This, of course, creates a much different environment, and a much different culture as you surf through random faces like you normally would. The site seems to be geared toward a much more mature audience than the average random chat site. Whether this is a reaction to the user localities or something else, I do not know. What I do know is on the homepage it says no adult content, so the whole ordeal is somewhat perplexing.

I should note that Camzap is no longer a near-exact copy of Chatroulette. Rather, it has changed dramatically! Now it has a registration system that allows you to add new friends while you’re in the middle of a roulette session (assuming they are also logged in at least). This system also allows you to search for people based on gender, age, and location. You can also check out the more popular profiles, which also function as chat rooms themselves, some with hundreds of users. So what’s the problem? Well, Camzap does a horrible job of moderating the user profiles, and there is way too much mature content on them for a site that supposedly doesn’t allow it. However, this entire system seems to have been just recently implemented, so I suppose they deserve a little time to get things in order. Give them a visit at


 Tinychat is a cool site that allows you to create instant webcam chat rooms essentially. No registration is required or anything, you just point and click a couple times and have your room available. Then you send out an invite link to anyone you want to join your new group video chat room, and walla, let the fun begin! With something so powerful yet so ridiculously easy to use, it is no wonder that Tinychat has become the massively popular phenomenon it is today. It went viral pretty easily back at the beginning, and has been able to maintain millions of users ever since. If you want to take your Tinychat usage to the next level you may want to consider actually registering for the site, as this opens up a bunch more useful features.

One thing you’ll be able to do as a registered user is develop a following. Basically, your profile can gain followers who can then come join your room whenever you come online. Furthermore, you can add a profile picture, and quite possibly show up on the Tinychat homepage whenever you go live, which will allow you to attract more random followers / increase your chat room’s popularity, and so on. Also, being registered allows you to save your settings and what not, and since nobody wants to have to keep re-entering settings over and over, it seems like it makes the most sense if you’re a repeat user to just register and get it over with. I should also note that Tinychat has a Pro upgrade option which gives a bunch of extra goodies and gets rid of advertisements, but obviously this costs money. And finally, with regards to a Chatroulette-style option, as far as I can tell they don’t have one. So if that’s what you’re looking for, this isn’t the place for you. You can find Tinychat at


This website is pretty cool in a lot of ways. I guess the shortest way to describe it is sort of a webcam social network, but that doesn’t really do it justice. First off, you have to register to use the site. If you aren’t logged in the most you can do is kind of look around at the different live video feeds or “channels”, if you want to call them that. Anyway, once you’re registered you can go live at any time with your own channel, and attract viewers. Some people have weekly shows at the same time each week, and thus establish a large systematic following. Shows can be anything from a talk show with pre-written comedic content to a DJ going crazy on turntables all night long. There’s also kind of a grey area I suppose in that you can just kind of “go live” with your show without any sort of schedule and develop a following just by being kind of entertaining when you hangout in front of your computer without any sort of scripted plan or anything. Instead, you just kind of chat with people and do whatever.

Something I haven’t really gotten into yet, is how the channel works more specifically. You see, once you’re live, people can join your channel and start chatting within it, which can be pretty fun especially on the more popular channels because there are so many people making so many funny comments about the show. The other cool thing is up to 5 people who join a channel can also start streaming their own video feeds so that everyone watching the channel can now see those feeds on top of the show feed itself. This makes things even crazier sometimes, but if you want to be one of those 5 good luck – on popular channels you might be waiting a long time! In any case, I can’t forget to mention that Stickam has it’s own random roulette video chat option as well called Stickam Shuffle. To use it you still have to be logged in, which allows them to moderate it really well and makes it probably the cleanest of the roulette webcam chat sites. However, this obviously comes at the expense of anonymity, so you’ll have to decide how important that is to you. Anyway, you can visit Stickam at


Although Chatroulette is the most famous of all the random chatting websites (at least as far as being the most well-known household name), it actually is NOT the most popular – that title goes to Omegle. Nonetheless, Chatroulette still is VERY popular, and it’s not really that far behind. Its current millions of visitors a month are holding steady, so Chatroulette is not going anywhere any time soon. Founded back in 2009 by a 17-year-old named Andrey Ternovsky, the site was the first roulette chat site to add video into the mix. The concept already existed for text-only chatting, but webcams had yet to make an appearance, so in that regard Chatroulette really made an impact, and boy did the whole world take notice. The massive viral press received propelled Chatroulette to popularity almost overnight, and although it no longer gets as many visitors as it did at its peak, it still does very well indeed.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with roulette chat rooms, the concept essentially goes like this. You are connected with another person at random for a webcam chat session. At that point, either of you at any time can click the “next” button to skip on to the next random person. It only takes one of you to click “next” for the session to end, so if you want to keep chatting but the other person does not want to, you’re out of luck. Typically, only mutual desires to chat based on first appearances will lead to a conversation lasting more than a few seconds. So yes, in some respects the site can be very superficial or materialistic. However, there are also often people who will stop and have a chat with just about anyone, so not everyone will skip you if you aren’t exactly what they’re looking for. If this is your first time, don’t get discouraged, getting skipped a lot is the norm for most people. Anyway, give this site a visit at


iMeetzu is kind of an all-in-one website, because it really has everything you could ask for in a random roulette chat site, and then some! First, it has a text-only chat option similar to Omegle. The difference? Not only does iMeetzu have a free iPhone app, but they also have a free Android app! And if you use the text chat option from their website rather than on an app, you can send images as well as emoticons – sweet! Next, they of course have your typical roulette video chat. This feature runs smoothly and has plenty of users online to ensure you see lots of fresh faces. The server is very fast and the software is rock solid so you don’t have to worry about loading times or disconnections, and that’s one of the big problems with a lot of the smaller wannabe stranger talk sites. This site has quite obviously had a lot of effort put into ensuring the users have a grandiose experience, and that’s one thing I love about it.

Next, I’d like to go over the group chat rooms option. When you enter a chat room it’s packed with sweet features. You can run your live cam stream feed such that everyone can see it, or you can reserve your webcam for private video calls, it’s up to you. Also, you can view multiple other people’s live feeds all at once if you want. Furthermore, this software includes animated emoticons, gifts, games, and so much more – you just have to check it out! In any case, last but not least I’d like to mention iMeetzu’s awesome first class social network. It’s a unique community of stranger chatters, which makes it super fun and entertaining. The people at iMeetzu have fine-tuned this masterpiece such that they do a great job of keeping it well-moderated and spam-free, and they roll out new features non-stop. You can do a location search and find people nearby, or you can just make online friends from all over the world, the choice is yours. But yea, I’m about gassed on this one, visit the site at


 This site is actual the true pioneer of the modern day random roulette chat concept. Yes, I am aware of Chatroulette, and no, it did not come first, Omegle did. In fact, Omegle came out over a year before Chatroulette, clear back in 2008! BUT, when Omegle first came out it was text-only, and it didn’t add its webcam option until after the emergence of Chatroulette at which point video became the norm and it was either add it in or lose visitors. So, like any smart website owner, the founder added the features necessary to stay relevant, reacting to the new competition correctly, and it paid off handsomely. In fact, it paid off so well that Omegle is now MORE popular than Chatroulette, despite the fact that Chatroulette garnered far more media attention than Omegle ever did. Pretty crazy right? Well, not exactly, you see Omegle has some other things going for it, including even more extra and awesome features that really give it the edge.

First, not only does this site have the text-only choice, but it also has an iPhone app to go along with it. Only one other site I am aware of that has a decent-sized user base has an iPhone app, and that’s iMeetzu. Anyway, secondly, Omegle has something called “spy mode”, which is crazy cool. How it works is you can write a question or statement, and then you get to “spy” on two people while they talk to one another about whatever it was that you said. It can be a normal conversation, or it can get quite crazy, or the both of them may just dislike whatever you wrote and immediately disconnect. Thus, if you want to see things get anywhere you need to craft a question or statement that people will be likely to understand and take an interest in. In any case, let’s discuss the final extra feature. Last but not least, Omegle has the ability to connect you with other users based on your interests. You just put your interests in, and it tries to connect you with someone who put in something similar – just like that! Pretty sweet stuff, so make sure you check the site out at