Talk to Just Girls Gay Chat


So, despite what the name may imply, no, there’s no chatting with a pig involved here. Chatpig is a random roulette webcam chat site with a German user focus. It is almost a perfect copy of Chatroulette, with basically no proprietary features. From the looks of it there used to be one sort of unique custom feature, but it’s no longer available when you click on it, so that basically puts the site back at exact imitation status. But, despite how much of a ripoff it may be, the site still deserves some credit. It set out to capture the random video chat market in Germany, and it looks like they succeeded. A quick look at their traffic data confirms they get the majority of their traffic from Germany, and it’s definitely not a trivial amount. So yea, they definitely did it, but what does that mean for you as a potential user of their website?

Well first, it means you need to brush up on your German language speaking skills. It could be as simple as learning a few swear words and then watching the other person rant back at you with words that you have no clue what the meaning of is, but that’s what Google translator is for! Yippy! Second, it means you want to know more about the software itself, because being a copy of something doesn’t necessarily mean the underlying foundation of the copy is as good as that of the original. So, with that in mind, I will tell you that the experience on the site is good. The software works great, and the site loads fast. This indicates they are using a good script on a quick server, which also means there should not be very many unintended disconnections. So, try Chatpig out at