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ChatrandomSimilar to Chatroulette, the name Chatrandom says it all, almost. The terms “random” and “roulette” are essentially interchangeable, and Chatrandom does provide the typical “roulette” style of random video chatting. However, Chatrandom is so much more than a simple random chat site, it has a whole bunch more features / functionality that help explain its rapidly rising popularity, and why it is destroying Sean Parker’s flop, Airtime.

One of the extra features is a group chat room section that isn’t just your typical text chat room from the old days. This section has multiple rooms, filled with hundreds of people each, and the rooms allow you to do all sorts of cool things. First, you can turn on your web cam and have a live stream going that other people can view. Second, you can click on other people’s streams and they are automatically opened in a nice-looking top part of the window, where you can see there is space to have at least as many as FIVE open at the same time! Now that’s what I call multi-tasking. Furthermore, you can private message people and request private video chat calls, so that you don’t have to let everyone in the room watch you / your partner while video chatting, which is a nice option to have.

Another extra feature of Chatrandom is the “multi chat” section. This section is similarly VERY popular. It allows people again to turn on their own live webcam streams, only this time there is more of a focus on getting as many viewers as possible, and less of an ability to video chat with specific people. However, there is an ability to open as many as four streams at once in a convenient way where the live stream part of the chat room is divided up into four smaller squares, and you can easily close a specific square or easily replace a specific square with a different feed by clicking 1 2 3 or 4 next to a person’s username.

Anyway, when you add all the extra features to the already popular typical roulette chat, it’s easy to see how Chatrandom has become so popular in a pretty short amount of time, and I would definitely recommend checking it out at