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 This website began shortly after the rise of Chatroulette as a near-exact imitation. Thanks to the good timing and spectacular marketing to back it up, Camzap was able to reach a level of popularity that made it more than just another statistic among the failed roulette webcam chat sites, and it remains alive and well to this day. However, the countries of origin of its visitors tend to be different from a lot of the other more popular sites such as Omegle. While Omegle has a huge user base in the USA, Camzap has a large visitor block from places like Brazil and Iraq. This, of course, creates a much different environment, and a much different culture as you surf through random faces like you normally would. The site seems to be geared toward a much more mature audience than the average random chat site. Whether this is a reaction to the user localities or something else, I do not know. What I do know is on the homepage it says no adult content, so the whole ordeal is somewhat perplexing.

I should note that Camzap is no longer a near-exact copy of Chatroulette. Rather, it has changed dramatically! Now it has a registration system that allows you to add new friends while you’re in the middle of a roulette session (assuming they are also logged in at least). This system also allows you to search for people based on gender, age, and location. You can also check out the more popular profiles, which also function as chat rooms themselves, some with hundreds of users. So what’s the problem? Well, Camzap does a horrible job of moderating the user profiles, and there is way too much mature content on them for a site that supposedly doesn’t allow it. However, this entire system seems to have been just recently implemented, so I suppose they deserve a little time to get things in order. Give them a visit at