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 Tinychat is a cool site that allows you to create instant webcam chat rooms essentially. No registration is required or anything, you just point and click a couple times and have your room available. Then you send out an invite link to anyone you want to join your new group video chat room, and walla, let the fun begin! With something so powerful yet so ridiculously easy to use, it is no wonder that Tinychat has become the massively popular phenomenon it is today. It went viral pretty easily back at the beginning, and has been able to maintain millions of users ever since. If you want to take your Tinychat usage to the next level you may want to consider actually registering for the site, as this opens up a bunch more useful features.

One thing you’ll be able to do as a registered user is develop a following. Basically, your profile can gain followers who can then come join your room whenever you come online. Furthermore, you can add a profile picture, and quite possibly show up on the Tinychat homepage whenever you go live, which will allow you to attract more random followers / increase your chat room’s popularity, and so on. Also, being registered allows you to save your settings and what not, and since nobody wants to have to keep re-entering settings over and over, it seems like it makes the most sense if you’re a repeat user to just register and get it over with. I should also note that Tinychat has a Pro upgrade option which gives a bunch of extra goodies and gets rid of advertisements, but obviously this costs money. And finally, with regards to a Chatroulette-style option, as far as I can tell they don’t have one. So if that’s what you’re looking for, this isn’t the place for you. You can find Tinychat at