Although Chatroulette is the most famous of all the random chatting websites (at least as far as being the most well-known household name), it actually is NOT the most popular – that title goes to Omegle. Nonetheless, Chatroulette still is VERY popular, and it’s not really that far behind. Its current millions of visitors a month are holding steady, so Chatroulette is not going anywhere any time soon. Founded back in 2009 by a 17-year-old named Andrey Ternovsky, the site was the first roulette chat site to add video into the mix. The concept already existed for text-only chatting, but webcams had yet to make an appearance, so in that regard Chatroulette really made an impact, and boy did the whole world take notice. The massive viral press received propelled Chatroulette to popularity almost overnight, and although it no longer gets as many visitors as it did at its peak, it still does very well indeed.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with roulette chat rooms, the concept essentially goes like this. You are connected with another person at random for a webcam chat session. At that point, either of you at any time can click the “next” button to skip on to the next random person. It only takes one of you to click “next” for the session to end, so if you want to keep chatting but the other person does not want to, you’re out of luck. Typically, only mutual desires to chat based on first appearances will lead to a conversation lasting more than a few seconds. So yes, in some respects the site can be very superficial or materialistic. However, there are also often people who will stop and have a chat with just about anyone, so not everyone will skip you if you aren’t exactly what they’re looking for. If this is your first time, don’t get discouraged, getting skipped a lot is the norm for most people. Anyway, give this site a visit at