This website is pretty cool in a lot of ways. I guess the shortest way to describe it is sort of a webcam social network, but that doesn’t really do it justice. First off, you have to register to use the site. If you aren’t logged in the most you can do is kind of look around at the different live video feeds or “channels”, if you want to call them that. Anyway, once you’re registered you can go live at any time with your own channel, and attract viewers. Some people have weekly shows at the same time each week, and thus establish a large systematic following. Shows can be anything from a talk show with pre-written comedic content to a DJ going crazy on turntables all night long. There’s also kind of a grey area I suppose in that you can just kind of “go live” with your show without any sort of schedule and develop a following just by being kind of entertaining when you hangout in front of your computer without any sort of scripted plan or anything. Instead, you just kind of chat with people and do whatever.

Something I haven’t really gotten into yet, is how the channel works more specifically. You see, once you’re live, people can join your channel and start chatting within it, which can be pretty fun especially on the more popular channels because there are so many people making so many funny comments about the show. The other cool thing is up to 5 people who join a channel can also start streaming their own video feeds so that everyone watching the channel can now see those feeds on top of the show feed itself. This makes things even crazier sometimes, but if you want to be one of those 5 good luck – on popular channels you might be waiting a long time! In any case, I can’t forget to mention that Stickam has it’s own random roulette video chat option as well called Stickam Shuffle. To use it you still have to be logged in, which allows them to moderate it really well and makes it probably the cleanest of the roulette webcam chat sites. However, this obviously comes at the expense of anonymity, so you’ll have to decide how important that is to you. Anyway, you can visit Stickam at