┬áThis site is actual the true pioneer of the modern day random roulette chat concept. Yes, I am aware of Chatroulette, and no, it did not come first, Omegle did. In fact, Omegle came out over a year before Chatroulette, clear back in 2008! BUT, when Omegle first came out it was text-only, and it didn’t add its webcam option until after the emergence of Chatroulette at which point video became the norm and it was either add it in or lose visitors. So, like any smart website owner, the founder added the features necessary to stay relevant, reacting to the new competition correctly, and it paid off handsomely. In fact, it paid off so well that Omegle is now MORE popular than Chatroulette, despite the fact that Chatroulette garnered far more media attention than Omegle ever did. Pretty crazy right? Well, not exactly, you see Omegle has some other things going for it, including even more extra and awesome features that really give it the edge.

First, not only does this site have the text-only choice, but it also has an iPhone app to go along with it. Only one other site I am aware of that has a decent-sized user base has an iPhone app, and that’s iMeetzu. Anyway, secondly, Omegle has something called “spy mode”, which is crazy cool. How it works is you can write a question or statement, and then you get to “spy” on two people while they talk to one another about whatever it was that you said. It can be a normal conversation, or it can get quite crazy, or the both of them may just dislike whatever you wrote and immediately disconnect. Thus, if you want to see things get anywhere you need to craft a question or statement that people will be likely to understand and take an interest in. In any case, let’s discuss the final extra feature. Last but not least, Omegle has the ability to connect you with other users based on your interests. You just put your interests in, and it tries to connect you with someone who put in something similar – just like that! Pretty sweet stuff, so make sure you check the site out at